About DSG


We are an all volunteer organization of Detroit and metro-area residents who share a vision for Detroit and believe there are thousands of people who, if given the opportunity, would bring their vision of a Detroit alive and awaken the potential of one of the world’s most misunderstood metropolises.

DSG is powered by member-driven projects and initiatives. Our projects strive to inject positive energy into the city and seek to drive the creation of a stronger community for the future. Our scope is broad enough to include all of the diverse ideas that make up a strong, vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

If you are one of the people who knows and shares this belief, then come and join us and others in building Detroit’s future.
As more and more people come together and add their vision and voice to the collective whole, then the synergy of our combined efforts and ideas will add towards realizing a living, working and vibrant Detroit.

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