The cell phone, along with its latest reincarnation the smartphone, is the most widely used communication device in the world today. With new technologies expanding its onboard capabilities continuously, there is clearly no slowdown in sight for its global domination.

The growth of this phenomenon continues to be so exponential that any statistics that are cited become obsolete almost by the time the ink is dry. Americans spent $42.8 million dollars on mobile devices in 2010, and that figure is expected to increase to $1.8 billion by 2015. Not only do we talk and text with them, but we take photographs, play music and games, surf the internet, shop, navigate, and update our online social networks. Cell phones have arguably become the most indispensable tool in our lives.

In this reality, they have quite naturally also become the focal point of worldwide marketing trends, with advertisers in all industries looking to harness the power of mobile communication. The most basic form of mobile marketing is SMS Text Message Marketing. With 200 trillion text messages being sent every day in America, this kind of marketing is not innovative; it is only learning to speak the language of our new culture.

SMS Text Message Marketing offers some exciting benefits for your business:

1. Direct communication for your message

Sms marketing allows you to bypass all kinds of traditional obstacles and get your words right to the personal attention of your target audience. The new reality is that the cell phone is now always present, and always on. So we are talking about truly “wherever they are” marketing.

Not only that, but it’s an instant form of communication. Potentially a message travels from sender to receiver in a moment of time. Studies have shown that the vast majority of SMS messages are read within minutes of having been sent. Imagine what this means for truly “time-sensitive” offers; there is no longer any waiting for someone to return near their mailbox, telephone or tethered computer.

2. High deliverability rates

Text messages have much higher success rates regarding passing spam blockers, and then actually being opened and read, than traditional email marketing. This is achieved with no increased cost to the sender.

One of the significant advances that email brought to marketing was unprecedented capacity for tracking effect and response. No longer did advertisers have to wait until the point of sale to evaluate the impact of their message upon their audience.

3. Unprecedented opportunities to capitalize on impulse buying

Consider this scenario. When your subscriber is sat at a more traditional PC workstation in their home or office, they have countless things to occupy their attention other than your message: the half-completed tasks lying on their desk, family activities, the television in the next room, the doorbell, and on it goes. Now consider this same person sat in the waiting room of the dentist’s office. None of these other voices are at hand, but their cell phone goes with them. It beeps. Your text message comes as a welcome friend to distract them in their boredom, and with nothing else to do they look into your offer. With the rise of mobile payments, their response action can take place right there on the spot.

For all of the reasons, we have discussed, SMS text message marketing provides you as a business owner with an invaluable tool. The future clearly is mobile, and companies that ignore the trend will be at a significant competitive disadvantage.