Since we were young, we have been taught to differentiate good from bad deeds. We were always reminded that it is bad to do things that will hurt others and that there will be consequences for your actions. To quote Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, this statement does not only apply to things and physics but it also applies to the outcome of one’s actions – be it good or bad.

As you grow older you bear a bigger and heavier responsibility because when you reach a particular age, you are liable for your actions and also, laws of the land will be applied to you. The last thing you would want to happen is to go to jail and give up your rights and your freedom. It is never a good idea to be spending even just an hour in jail, what more years and even a lifetime?

In the state of California, there is a minimal movement in the number of inmates. In the report of the Public Policy and Institute of California, the number of inmates had been affected by the change in policy initiatives. One of which is the consideration of the weight of offense – they’ve set a range of offenses which are not for imprisonment.

If you’re able to locate and utilize a bail bonds Sacramento company in California a law offender is not automatically put to jail. The punishment of the offenders still depend on the weight of the offense. Other offenses can be bailed – meaning you pay a certain amount of money or give them something in exchange to be released from prison. What are the different types of bails? There are 3 common types.

1. Cash Bail – this is the most common type where you pay the court a certain amount of money to be able to get out of jail

2. Bond Bail – this may not be as popular as paying your bail in cash but you actually buy bail bonds. There are companies who offer this and you have to pay the premium which is set by California at 10% of the total bail amount

3. Property Bond – just like giving collateral, your properties will be used as bail. If you fail to attend court hearings, the court has the right to seize and foreclose the property

These are just the basic bails for offenders who are found guilty. These bails may not be as heavy as you’ve imagined but let’s face it, you would never want to be imprisoned and spend your holidays in such an enclosed space.